What is The Purpose of Waxing a Car? Albuquerque, NM

Almost every body shop, car wash, and auto detailer in Albuquerque – NM, offers car waxing as one of their main services. It is not just body shops that stress the importance of waxing either. Every store out there that carries car supplies also carries a huge variety of car wax. So, clearly waxing is something very important for a car, but, why exactly do you wax a car? The answer is obvious to most experienced auto enthusiasts, but if you still new to the world of cars, the purpose of waxing may not be clear. In this article, we are going to take a look at the multiple reasons why people choose to get their car waxed.


“If your clear coat is unable to protect your car’s paint, then you will start to see rust and general degradation set in… wax acts as another layer of protection”


To make the car really shine

When you first get a car, the paint will have a nice shine to it (of course, this is assuming that the car is new, and not second hand).  However, over time, that shine starts to wear off. As the car is exposed to the elements, the car’s paint picks up contaminants like dirt, dust, and debris. These ruin the car’s paint and remove the car’s distinctive shine. So, waxing a car is one of the best ways of getting a car to shine like it did when it first rolled off the assembly line. Having a nice, shiny car exterior may not seem all that important, but remember that for a lot of people their car is a big part of their persona. Their colleagues see it when they drive to work and their neighbors see it when they park it in the driveway. So, having a great looking car exterior is the perfect way of showing off to those groups and showing them that they know how to take care of their car.

It helps protect the car exterior

Modern cars have several layers of paint. Starting all the way from the metal of the car, until you reach the very last coating, which is intended as one final layer of protection for the car’s surface. This is known as the “clear coat,” and it is intended to protect the other layers of paint from rain, snow, sleet, dirt, mud, debris, etc. Basically, anything that can damage your car’s paint job is stopped from doing any real damage by your car’s clear coat. However, like all things on your car the clear coat starts to decline due to general wear and tear. If your clear coat is unable to protect your car’s paint, then you will start to see rust and general degradation set in. Wax acts as another layer of protection. It helps keep your vehicle’s clear coat strong and it helps protect your vehicle from debris and inclement weather. Obviously, the wax layer is not as good as the clear coat, but an extra layer of protection never hurts.

Hopefully, you now see why waxing a vehicle is so important and why so many vehicle owners take their vehicles to detailers to get them waxed (which is much easier then doing it yourself!).  If you are interested in having your vehicle fully detailed and waxed, you can learn more here The Detailing Syndicate – Albuquerque, NM