What is Interior Auto Detailing?

Precision interior detailing work

Interior detailing is the process of restoring your car's interior to its former glory. Over time wear and tear will degrade the quality of your cars interior trimming and seats. With a high-quality professional interior detailing package your car will feel like new again (complete with that new car smell).

Why is it so important?

One of the most obvious reasons interior detailing is so important is that it is going to add a significant amount of value to your car. It's easy to tell how hard a car has been used by taking a look at the state of its interior. By restoring it to near new condition you are reassuring any potential buyer that you have looked after the car well.

However, we feel that the most important reason for getting your interior detailed is also the simplest reason. The interior where you spend all of your time when you are using the car yourself.

How many hours do you spend in your car each day? Probably quite a lot right? Imagine how much brighter your morning commute would be if you were surrounded by a deep cleaned interior. Once you have tried it, you will never look back.

How Can The Detailing Syndicate Help?

We have extensive experience in expertly detailing the interior of cars of all shapes and sizes to bring them back to their former glory. We have several packages available, each with a differing level of restoration. They will all include some of the techniques we have listed below:

Deep Seat Cleaning – If you have leather seats we will use our advanced restoration formula to give them a super deep clean, and apply our professional grade leather conditioner to bring the vibrancy back. If you have upholstery seats, we will use our high-performance shampoo cleaner to suck out every last bit of dirt or odorous particulate. Simply put, your seats will look (and smell) like new.

Interior Surface Deep Clean – We will gently clean each and every inch of your car's interior trimming leaving it looking better than you ever thought possible.

Interior Surface Dressing – Once we have all the dust and dirt from your car's interior we will then apply our protective dressing fluid to it. This high-quality product protects it from UV damage, brings the depth of color back, and makes it shine like never before.

Floor Deep Cleaning – We will thoroughly vacuum each and every inch of your cars flooring, mats, and trunk and then apply our high power shampoo cleaner to them. While this will make your flooring look beautiful, its main benefit is the removal of odorous particulate.

Micro Cleaning – We leave no stone unturned and use high precision air powered instruments to remove dirt and dust from the smallest crevices (like heater vents and console trimming).

Deodorizing – All of the techniques above will help eliminate odors on their own. But we finish some of our packages with a comprehensive deodorizing treatment.