What Does Auto Detailing Entail?


If you care about keeping your car looking like it just rolled off the assembly line, then your best option is professional auto detailing. But, what exactly does an auto detailer do to your car?

A lot of people might hear a description of detailing and think that it sounds just like having a car wash, but they are wrong. Professional detailing is a lot more in-depth than just plain old car washing.

So, we are going to quickly give you a breakdown of exactly what detailers do, which should show you just how in-depth the process is.

The Exterior

The first place detailers start is the exterior of the car. Getting the exterior of the car as clean as possible is important because when it comes time to wax and polish the car, any leftover dirt particles can get caught in the buffer and scratch the car’s surface.

The person working on your car may choose to use either a high-pressure hose or just go the classic route and use some sponges, or they may choose to use a combination of both. Either way, every part of your car’s exterior will be washed with water and special car soap (regular soap does mix well with car paint).

After the car has been washed, it will be dried with microfiber towels to avoid scratching the finish. But, the detailing does not stop there. Once the car is completely dry, a lubed clay bar will be wiped across the surface of the car to help get up any dirt that was not removed during the initial washing process.

Once the car exterior has been thoroughly cleaned, the detailer can move on to actually polishing the car and applying protective wax to help keep the car exterior looking nice long after the detailing is done.

The Interior

Once the exterior has been completely done, then it is time to do the interior. The same amount of effort is put into cleaning the interior as was put into cleaning the exterior. The interior of the car will be vacuumed with a very powerful vacuum.

Once that is done, the detailer will strip out things like mats and give them an individual cleaning with a brush and some soap. The seats will be cleaned next. Finally, the detailers will do one last vacuum before putting everything back in place.

Depending on what package you buy, the detailer may also deodorize the car, but not every company offers that service.

The Windows

Last but not least is the windows. Windows are always done last to prevent cleaning solution from splashing onto freshly cleaned windows. Cleaning windows is a fairly simple process, the detailer will simply use some ammonia free window cleaner and a microfiber towel to get the windows looking spotless.

So, now you know what auto detailing entails. This may not sound difficult, but it is actually quite a difficult job and requires a lot of effort, experience and expertise.

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