Waterless Car Wash Good Or Bad? Austin – TX

In first hearing about it, a waterless car wash seems like an impossible method of cleaning to be effective, but upon taking a closer look at what it provides, there are few detractors to its proven track record.  To understand whether or not they are a good or bad solution for your vehicle, it is wise to look at its potential upside.

Most people think waterless means the wash is devoid of liquid, but this is simply not true.  Just as you use bacterial spray to clean counter tops and windows more efficiently than with water, the same is true of how a car can be done.  Chemical lubricity applied to an automobile’s exterior can be more effective than H20 because it captures the dirt and polishes the spot it was previously inhabiting.  If you have sprayed mud on the side of your car you have likely seen that days later the streak is still present.  When professional car cleaners use a waterless wash they are ensuring that the particles and dust up is removed completely.

Another pro to performing a waterless car wash is that it is very Eco-friendly.  It is estimated that 50+ gallons of water can be used on a standard wash, and this number skyrockets with the use of a power washer for its high projection rate.  Waterless washing typically needs a bucket or less, often eliminating water almost entirely.

Waterless washes can also be more gentle on your car’s paint and bodywork.  Using water is actually very bad for your vehicle, and is extremely rough for older models especially.  The whole point of a car wash is to make it look better, and using water can actually cause more harm than good in some instances.  With the use of a microfiber towel in conjunction with light spraying, your expensive paint job is handled as delicately as it needs to be.

Finally, a waterless car wash is valuable for consumers that are trying to get rid of stains.  The compounds and lubricity of the chemicals in these types of cleanings are like using a bar of soap on steroids.  Water is just a liquid, and can serve the purpose of clearing an area, but not necessarily cleaning it.  The products used during waterless detailing are factory designed to restore quite effortlessly.   

Ultimately the success of a waterless car wash depends on what you plan to accomplish with your vehicle.  Using the garden hose may be convenient, but you get what you pay for (or don’t pay for) in this instance.  You may think that spraying down your car excessively will rid it of its dirt and debris, but water washing is not *always* the absolute best solution to this problem.  If you are seeking a more full proof method than just a wash, something like professional auto detailing may be just what your vehicle needs.  Auto detailing is particularly effective if you have professional auto detailers (like ours for example) carry out their detailing on your vehicle on a regular basis.  This promotes a healthy exterior that will last infinitely longer than just simply washing your car… whether that be with or without water.