The Best Way To Clean Leather Upholstery. Houston – TX

When it comes to making a car look nice, most people focus on the exterior. They are concerned with waxing the car, preventing scratches, and just keeping the outside as spotless as possible. Because of this, people neglect their interior. Sure, they will remove garbage and generally try to prevent food stains, but they do not give the interior of the car same level of care as the exterior. This is the wrong way to go about cleaning a car. If you want your car to look perfect, then you need to keep both the inside and outside looking spotless. This is especially true if you have very expensive leather upholstery. In this article, we are going to show you the best ways to clean leather upholstery.

Vacuuming the seats

The first thing you should do is run a vacuum over your leather upholstery What this does is remove any obvious pieces of dirt or debris from the upholstery. This is very important because if you try to scrub or wipe the upholstery down while there is dirt or debris on it, you are just going to end up rubbing it deeper into the upholstery. Even if you cannot see any obvious pieces of dirt laying on your upholstery, you should still run over it with a vacuum, just in case you are missing anything.

“if you try to scrub or wipe the upholstery down while there is dirt or debris on it, you are just going to end up rubbing it deeper into the upholstery”

Wiping the seats down

After vacuuming the seats, you are going to want to take a microfiber cloth and grab some commercial leather cleaner and begin wiping down your seats. If you want to keep your leather upholstery looking spotless, then it is important that you use a microfiber cloth or some sort of equivalent. It is tempting to just grab a regular facecloth or a towel, but those are not designed for use on sensitive surfaces; so, both could potentially end up leaving scratches on your upholstery. Plus, microfiber cloths are just better at picking up dirt and debris. As for the cleaner, while it is possible to make it yourself using online recipes, it is best to just opt for a name brand cleaner from the store.

Wipe the seats dry

Once the cleaner has done its job, you should grab a dry cloth and begin wiping off the cleaner. Do this until you are satisfied that your upholstery is completely dry. Now would also be the time to add any additional products, such as ones that make the upholstery smell nicer or ones that protect it from future damage.

An alternative method: auto detailing

Of course, the above process works, but it also requires lots of time and effort. If you cannot afford to spend a significant amount of time cleaning your upholstery, then you should invest in car detailing. Car detailing will result in both the outside and inside of your car looking amazing. In fact, most detailers will use roughly the same method we described above to clean the interior of your car. But, since they are professionals, they will have access to better tools and more powerful cleaners, which will result in your upholstery receiving a much better cleaning.