Protective & Restorative Treatments

machine polishing both protects and restores your paint work

In addition to the high quality interior and exterior detailing packages we offer, we also have a selection of advanced add-on treatments that can take your cars appearance (and value) to the next level.

Headlight Restoration

Cloudy and hazy headlights not only date the appearance of your car and make it look older, but they can present a safety hazard as well. When your cars headlight covers are new, it appears as if though it is made out of crystal clear glass. When they are worn, they can look hazy and date a cars overall appearance dramatically (as well as being less luminous).

We can make your car's headlights look like new again, removing all of the clouding and hazing from them with our advanced headlight restoration package. Restored headlights will offer an improved projection of your headlight’s beam, and they will increase your vehicle’s visibility to other drivers as well.

Engine Wash

A good engine wash will make your engine stand out from the crowd during car shows (or when you’re hanging out with your fellow gearhead buddies). It will also make the vehicle much nicer to work on if you are the kind of person that likes to do their own maintenance.

Our engine wash service will clear the engine of all the grease and grunge that it can collect during long periods of use, leaving it looking better than you ever thought possible.

(Conducting an engine wash can also prevent the build-up of rust and corrosion on the engine block too – keeping it running smoother for longer)

Exterior Coating

Exterior coating will provide a thick coat of protection over your vehicle’s paintwork that will protect it from the elements (as well as small debris that can be kicked up from other vehicles while driving). It will also protect the showroom finish we can provide with our exterior detailing packages, and will ensure the car looks beautiful for years to come.

Exterior coating will also prevent the oxidation of your car’s frame as the unwanted moisture from the environment will bead off of your vehicle’s protective layer, limiting the amount of oxidization that takes place.

Minor Dent Removal

We all want our vehicles to look their best for as long as they possibly can. Sadly, other people (and the occasional hailstorm) might not feel the same way. If you find yourself with a dinged up vehicle, don’t worry - we can fix most minor dents.

This is a great option for people who are looking to sell their car as It will add a little bit of value to the vehicle. But we think its best value is in negotiation. Buyers will use every trick in the book to try and get your price down, pointing out tiny dents is something you can basically guarantee them picking up on. With a dent free car, they are really going to have to search hard for a reason to get the price down.

But we think why wait until you want to sell? If you love your car, treat it to a dent removal treatment.

These treatments are available as part of our top detailing package or as add ons. With these treatments we can get your car literally looking like new. And more importantly, keep it looking and performing like new!