How To Make My Car Interior Look New, San Antonio – TX

Keeping your car clean is one of the most frustrating things on the planet, for it seems that even a week or two of neglect has your ride turning into a pig sty.  For business vehicles and certain lifestyles that include frequent usage of a vehicle, restoring the inside of your automobile should be done once a month routinely, if not more.  Not only does this keep it looking fantastic, some instances like company vehicles absolutely require it for sanitation and/or customer service purposes.  Uber is an example of when it is a must to have your car looking its finest at all times.  There are numerous ways on how to make the interior look new, and a few of them include:

Extensive Vacuuming

This is the most obvious quick fix to a dirty car interior, but can be time consuming depending on how bad the area is you are dealing with.  Vacuuming a vehicle can be very difficult for all the nooks and crannies you need to get into, but going over the entire surface area in fine detail makes your car look good as new afterward.  Extensive vacuuming should also be done over your heat and AC units to remove dust and foreign elements that are causing issues in maintaining the look of your cockpit.

Carpet Clean Your Mats

While a soapy sponge may seem quicker, it will not remove the deep rooted stains that have tainted your mats.  If there is carpet on them, a cleaner you would use on the inside of your home works equally as efficiently inside your automobile.  Shampooing the interior gets increasingly more awkward when handling the sides of the doors and hatchback area, if applicable.  If you do not have a carpet cleaner, mats can be placed in the washing machine, though results are mixed as some pull the fibers from their roots.

Restoration Polish

Of course what the inside of your vehicle is comprised of will determine if you need a vinyl polish, or some alternative, but wiping the surfaces down eliminates dirt and debris as well as brings back its natural shine.  If you are unfamiliar with what finish goes with what components, this area can be problematic.  It would behoove you to do your research before harm is done instead of the illustrious shine you covet.

Replacement Panels

If the panels on your doors or dashboard are chipped or damage, swapping them out with original parts can make all the difference in the world.  Obtaining replacements from the manufacturer is simpler than most people assume, however installation is a different story, particularly if you have an older make and model.


With safety glasses, dust masks, shop vac and leather preparation spray (among others), there is a lot that goes into having the interior of your vehicle look new.  Though this can be done by yourself, if you are hoping for a more seamless transition from an older look to its previously healthy aesthetic, you may want to keep car detailing in mind.  The expertise provided by our detailers eliminates a lot of problems by using all the correct materials in accordance with a meticulous and thorough cleaning regiment.  Often times people on their own use the wrong products that damage interior components or make the cabin of the vehicle smell.  With auto detailing, every aspect of the clean is handled with care from the ground up, promising your car interior will look as new as the day you purchased it.