How To Make Car Windows Look New, Dallas – TX

Clay Bar Treatments Really Elevate The Paint WorkFinding streaks on our car windows is a common, if not daily occurrence, and one that we want to get rid of swiftly.  Since vehicles are exposed to the elements most of the time, keeping up the maintenance on these panes of glass is time consuming but necessary.  Having the aesthetic of our windows to appear newer is something that can be achieved by vehicle owners if a few simple steps are followed accurately.

Thorough Washing

The first thing you should do if you want to make your car windows look new is give your entire car a bath.  This can be done through an automatic car wash, by yourself, or through an auto detailing service.  Streaks on the windshield and windows will likely still be present, but think of this process as a pre-soak for what is to come.  Restoration is an important aspect to having windows appear to be in mint condition, but this cannot come to fruition until the surface is cleaned.

Glass Cleaner Finish

Soapy suds work well enough to clear problematic areas on your windows, but usually not strong enough to completely remove remnants of dirt or wear.  Glass cleaner is specifically designed for this type of manufacturing, and provides a deeper scrub than spraying some soap on an area.  Even though several products for glass are available in department stores, if you are going all out in making your windows look new, a finish after a car wash should really be left to auto detailers.  The reason for this is these professionals use compounds specifically designed to bring windows back to their original state through lubricity and deep, penetrating chemicals that promote a flawless shine.

The Cloth Type Matters

Microfiber cloths should always be used on cars if you are passionate about maintaining their factory appearance.  These cloths work efficiently on windows because they are softer and more forgiving to the surface.  Rags and alternative wiping materials are frequently the cause of streaks on your glass because of the fabric they are made with.  The pattern is responsible from water and cleaners not settling properly, and thus making windows look weathered.  Microfiber cloths give an even wipe that make glass regions sleek and sparkling.

It’s All In The Wrist

In properly polishing your car windows, the technique at which you do so will directly correlate to how well it looks when finished.  It is said by experts in this field that the washing and wiping using a microfiber cloth should be done first in a vertical fashion, and then in a horizontal line.  Obviously the goal here is to eliminate runoff and lines of residue.  In applying force on the window in this order of direction, it gives your automobile the best chance to have clear, transparent areas of glass.

There Is No Substitute For Pros

If you desire to make your car windows look new, acquiring the aforementioned materials and products can be the bridge to this destination.  If you are a perfectionist, or care intently about getting a job done to the best of its ability, auto detailing has made this process into something of an art form.  Using the best cleaners and chemicals, in addition to years of training on various sizes and shapes of windows (and cars of course), we are best equipped to make your car look like you just bought it off the lot.