How To Find A Good Car Detailer in Houston?


How To Find A Good Car Detailer in Houston, TX

Your car is probably one of the most expensive things you own, especially if you are not a homeowner. So, you obviously want to keep your car looking as good as you can make it.

One way to do that is through regular car detailing done by a professional detailer. But, how do you find a detailer that is going to treat your car with the respect it deserves?

There are unfortunately some less than skilled detailers out there and it is up to you to find one that will treat your right. Now, the obvious answer would be to read reviews, and while that is a good strategy, it does not always work out.

The local detailer may only have one or two reviews that are not particularly helpful. Likewise, the reviews may be left by people who do not really know much about cars and thus don’t know if the detailing services were actually good or not. So, here are some methods you can use to find a good, trustworthy car detailer.

Ask tough questions!

If you have found an auto detailer and unsure about whether you want to go with them or not, try asking them some questions and see how they respond. Based on their responses, you can tell whether they are the right detailer for your car.

Try asking them precisely what they actually do to a car. You can compare what they tell you with what other auto detailers do. If you are not aware of what other detailers do, you can find this information out easily by looking at a professional detailing website, which will walk you through what they do to a car, step-by-step).

If you notice something important missing, then move on, because it is a sign that the detailer is not professional. Likewise, try asking them about their warranty policy. If they do not have one, then stay far away as detailers without a warranty policy are likely to be amateurs.

Ask Around Online

If you are really scratching your head trying to find a good detailer, why not just try asking around online. There are plenty of auto enthusiast forums and social media groups out there filled with people from all over the country, who should be able to point you in the direction of a reliable detailer.

Plus, if they are on a forum or social media group dedicated to cars, then you know that they value their car just as much as you do.

Get References or Photos of Previous Work

A good strategy you can try is asking a company to give you before and after photos of their past work or to give you references to past customers so that you can hear firsthand how good or bad a job the company did.

Some companies may not be willing to provide photos or references (which is a definite red flag), but other companies will be more than willing to give you these things if it means securing your business.

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