How To Clean Car Windows Without Streaks – Portland, ME

Side Profile of Green Retro CarCleaning car windows is important not just for aesthetic purposes, but to increase the vision capability of the driver.  This is particularly pertinent to view blind spot angles, which are more dangerous than others.  Even though it seems easy to wash a window without leaving streaks, often after cleaner has been applied, the leftover residue actually makes the glass look worse than before.  With the proper steps and technique, you can make your windows shiny and crystal clear without those frustrating leftover lines.


“Spray your window cleaner into a microfiber cloth…the use of microfiber or sheepskin cloth is crucial because it actually eliminates most of the liquid streaking for you as you wipe”  


Pre-Wash Each Window

Using a hose or power washer, soak every window generously at a distance of about two feet away.  The purpose of this task is to loosen dirt and eradicate bugs and foreign debris.  Window cleaner is utilized to restore glass, but this will prove ineffective if the surface is not cleared first.

Microfiber Is Your Friend

Spray your window cleaner into a microfiber cloth.  The use of microfiber or sheepskin cloth is crucial because it actually eliminates most of the liquid streaking for you as you wipe.  The reason for this is because the surface blends well with glass, giving it a soft, even sparkle.  While you are able to use a rag, the contours of its design will work against you and you will have to consistently go over the same areas to get rid of excess chemicals.

Use Technique In Your Favor

When you are rubbing your microfiber cloth, first go in a vertical pattern across the entire window, then in a horizontal one.  The towel will take care of most of the streaking, but if done quickly with some residue remaining, it will be pushed to the edges of the glass.  After your windows are shiny enough to see a perfect reflection out of, place one finger under the cloth and trace the shape of the window to eliminate any extra liquid.  Squeegees can also be used if you want an even line, however you will still need to use your trusty cloth to shore up the path it creates.

Clean The Interior With Precision

When washing the inside of your windows, never spray the liquid directly on the glass.  Not only will it induce more streaking as it rolls downward, additional chemicals can cover your upholstery.  Using the same technique as on the exterior, wipe up and down and then side to side to have each window perfectly restored.

UV Protection Will Prevent Future Streaks

A bonus tip when cleaning your windows is to use cleaner that has UV resistant properties.  The reason for this is that rays from the sun place a fine film on glass over time.  Though not visible to the naked eye, this deterioration makes windows rough to the touch.  These impurities promote streaking because the glass itself is not smooth.


Professional auto detailers are experts at making your windows streak resistant, and among all of the other enhancements they can provide, should really be the ones taking care of business on your vehicle.  In addition to making glass appear brand new, they have the ability to completely overhaul your car to reach showroom level quality.