How To: Auto Detailing Tips And Tricks, Boise – ID

You may already fancy yourself as an auto connoisseur, but everyone looks like the expert in the room when their vehicle is in top condition.  It is when advanced maintenance is required that your detailing skills will be put to the test.  Auto detailing is an arduous and potentially expensive task with a special need for focus and attention.  But what are some tips and tricks to help you service your ride?

It’s All In The Brand

The first rule of thumb you should abide by if you plan to detail a car yourself is using the proper brand of detergent on both your interior and exterior.  Make sure you know the type of upholstery in your cabin before you apply chemicals to rid it of dirt and scuffs.  The wrong formula can stain or damage its appearance.  The same is true before tending to the outside of your car.  It is always wise to see what your make and model suggests online for your finish.


“Professional auto detailing is far less expensive than doing the job yourself because they already have all the necessary components in their arsenal”


Utilize Waterless Car Washes

A waterless wash, as you can probably deduce, is providing a clean without water.  Using chemical compounds that can pull dirt embedded in your paneling, it is an effective way to actually clear areas instead of causing dirty streaks.  Waterless car washes are far more extensive than just wiping a surface down with a cloth.  Particular cleaners work wonders in providing showcase results in no time.

Buff Your Finish

This takes some experience, but there is a reason professional detailers frequently using buffing machines.  This is because they are incredibly effective at restoring shine and priming your coat for a future polish.  It is vital that you do not buff the same spot for an extended period of time, as this can ruin your paint job and completely undo the positive effects you were looking to achieve.

Utilize Hot Water Extraction

Carpet cleaners that can funnel hot water to clean your seats and carpeting are especially advantageous because they clean with a finite level of steam.  Steam is a terrific partner in your corner of not just removing filth, but washing the area deep in to the fibers.

Degrease Your Engine

Grease accumulation on your engine causes overheating and limits the life of your vehicle overall.  By applying a degreasing agent, it ‘cleans’ your engine and encourages it to run more smoothly.  This should be done with caution however, as your ignition mechanisms and battery can be adversely affected by foreign solvents.

They Are Pros For A Reason

Maintaining your wheels is a fruitful and rewarding exercise, but can come at a cost.  Unless you are a lifelong detailer, you probably do not have the appropriate assortment of equipment and products lying around to provide adequate results.  Professional auto detailing is far less expensive than doing the job yourself because they already have all the necessary components in their arsenal.  Furthermore, these experts are informed as to which types of solvents and cleaners to use depending on the model and make of your vehicle.  If you have any trepidation about ruining your paint job, upholstery or engine, it is best to leave it to our pros, who with routine touch-ups can make the financial investment in your car worthwhile.