How To Auto Detail Like A Pro, Albuquerque – NM

restored headlight and paintAuto detailing is a refined art, but an exercise that can be accomplished on your own if you are so willing.  Even though professionals are more well versed in how to get the best out of your vehicle, there are some tips and tricks you can abide by to match showcase level quality as much as possible.  So how can you start to auto detail like a pro?





“A rotary buffing machine can deliver outstanding results by ‘finessing’ out scratches and nicks…”



If you have detailing clay in your possession, you can begin the process to rid your car of dirt.  Rubbing this substance over the paneling lifts impurities, similar to if you were using a piece of tape to remove hair from a couch.  Debris sticks to the clay and it is gentle with paintwork.


After the initial clearing of unwanted dust on your exterior, a waterless car wash is in order.  A wash without water is using specific cleaners and detergents without the H20 component (in most cases) to carefully remove dirt embedded in each automobile’s finish.  This is done by placing the chemicals on the car and rubbing them gently in the same direction using a microfiber cloth.


Paint repairs can be done to your car with small brushes, and even a toothpick.  With the application of a layer of clearcoat on the problem area, very fine sandpaper can prime the area for new paint.  After the new coat is laid down, you can wax the surface to help it blend with the rest of the vehicle.


Polishing your vehicle is essential if you want to maximize the amount of shine your car exhibits.  Dirt and debris limit this sparkle by absorbing light, in addition to covering your paint finish altogether.  A rotary buffing machine can deliver outstanding results by ‘finessing’ out scratches and nicks.  After buffing is complete, you can use a clean pad to wipe away the remaining compounds on the frame so residue does not linger.


Vinyl cleaners can eradicate scuffs and unwanted marks in your car’s interior, and compressed air will blow out debris from the cracks between your seats.  Additionally, carpet cleaners with hot water extraction can service your foot mats.


It is a wonderful feeling to be in charge of your car’s maintenance, but can be a costly and damaging one if you do not know what you are doing.  Professional auto detailers are recommended to routinely service your vehicle to restore its shine and luster and give character back to your ride.  Acquiring detergents, cleaning equipment and clays can be costly and will hurt your wallet far more than having an expert handle things swiftly.  While it is admirable to desire to improve the upkeep of your automobile yourself, things like buffing can be tricky without some experience.  Potential problems like swirl marks, wax residue, and uneven finishes will not only make your car look worse, but ruin it for future touch-ups as well.  Auto detailers are well equipped with the proper tools and chemicals to get the job done effortlessly with little change out of your pocket.