How Long Does Car Waxing Last? – Wilmington, DE

Car waxing is crucial in maintaining phenomenal integrity to your automobile’s body, but there are varying opinions on how long each process will last before it must be undergone again.  Some enthusiasts believe waxing only needs to be a few times a year, while others think every couple of weeks is wise.  But what are the variables that solidly determine how long a thorough waxing can display its desired benefits? 




“Exposure is the number one cause of needing to undergo a new waxing.  If your vehicle is stored in covered spaces or a parking garage for extended periods, waxing lasts longer”


Make And Model

The type of car you have plays a large role in how frequently it needs to be waxed, or more simply put, how long each session will procure positive results.  An older exterior, particularly a weathered one, has great difficulty holding a shine because there are so many impurities on the surface.  These impurities negatively reflect light, which highlights the damage of your vehicle in an unflattering way.  Placing wax on ancient automobiles is like trying to polish dirt.  At best you are covering the problem temporarily, and in actuality you are literally just spreading the dust.  New cars can hold a waxing for a few weeks if it is properly taken care of.  Regardless of the vehicle type, waxing is most successful for longer periods when the surface is cleaned methodically BEFORE the substance is applied.

Type Of Wax Used

Just like there is high class detergent and ‘dollar store’ quality alternatives, the same is true of types of car wax.  Different waxes serve different purposes, contrary to popular belief.  Some waxes are merely intended to hold a brief shine, sometimes even for just days.  Others specialize in hiding imperfections on the model.  The most coveted waxes are the ones that bring out a shine while making the car look new and overall improving its value.  In several cases the most expensive wax isn’t necessary, as those that apply it are more important.

The Elements

Exposure is the number one cause of needing to undergo a new waxing.  If your vehicle is stored in covered spaces or a parking garage for extended periods, waxing lasts longer.  That said, it is a misconception that an awning or cover is all that it takes.  Even in an enclosed space, varying temperatures, particularly cold ones, can negatively impact your waxing.  To lengthen your latest wax, having your automobile outside in the blistering heat or bitter cold would not be prudent.  To put it simply, the more your car is outdoors, the shorter the wax will last.  Just like heat rays have no mercy on our skin, they are ruthless on vehicle bodies as well.

Frequency Of Waxing

One wonders why frequency would matter when discussing how long a wax session can hold, but the truth of the matter is that if you follow a routine, your car shines for longer periods.  In fact, regularly placing wax strategically can add years of life to your car, and make it less susceptible to foreign debris.


Car waxes are most fruitful when applied by a professional, because auto detailers know how to use the proper techniques to reinvigorate a finish.  They are also trained in getting the most out of the waxing product, and where to strategically place it on the exterior.  If an expert applies this process with some degree of regularity and as part of a well thought out detailing routine, in the future, each shine will last weeks and sometimes months longer.