How Do You Shampoo Car Seats? – Buffalo, NY

Luxury Car InteriorCar seats can acquire filth and deep stains over time that need to be eradicated to eliminate foul odors and positively change a less than appealing interior.  Shampooing them is a cumbersome but worthwhile process that takes some time and patience.  What your seats are made out of will help you decide what chemicals you will use, but foams and cleaners can typically be used on most upholstery.  The cardinal sin you can do when you shampoo is to use a cleaner that is not designed for seats.  These detergents can embed in the fabric and not wash them completely, if all all.


“Shampooing seats without vacuuming them will only trap the dirt, and when moisture comes into contact with dust it will make a runny, dark discharge”


Less Is More In A Foam Filled Bucket

Apply the foam or cleaner into a bucket and add water in small amounts at a time.  Most people who have never shampooed their seats before frequently make the mistake of putting in too much liquid.  The gel and foamy suds are what you really want to work with.

Vacuum Anywhere You Plan To Wash

In truth, the whole interior of the car should be vacuumed freely before a shampooing, but if nothing else get deep into the cracks and in between the seats.  Shampooing seats without vacuuming them will
only trap the dirt, and when moisture comes into contact with dust it will make a runny, dark discharge.

Use The Most Effective Tools

Bristled brushes are highly recommended for shampooing because they respond positively to a myriad of fabrics.  They are also better at getting to the root of the material and wiping foreign debris.  If you
have leather seats, a microfiber towel is especially important because residue will build up and need to be wiped cleanly.  Fabric seats necessitate a terry cloth towel, that has the ability to absorb liquid quickly.

Foam With Circular Motions

When you place the foam or gel on your brush, skim the top in the bucket as if you are combing it.  Too much liquid will spread the dirt on seats instead of lift it.  Start with minimal foam, and use more the deeper the stain.  Rub in circular motions, unless creases force you to wipe in long strokes.  If you are dealing with stubborn stains, go over the same spot numerous times.  If it is still not coming out, go through the drying process and begin again, as the dry particles may flake and be easier to rub off another time through.

Dry With Towels And Fans

Soaking excess water should be done with a terry cloth as you go.  Even if the seats do not feel damp after the foam application, at worst air dry them with the windows down.  A strategically placed fan
is a good idea to make sure spots like where you sit do not soak like a sponge.


Shampooing car seats is not something that should be done in a matter of minutes if you are truly seeking to make them smell and appear brand new.  Professional car detailers have the ability to go section by section and restore them to match dealership quality.  With precision and attention to detail, no matter what the upholstery, each seat can be bolstered greatly by the proper technician and cleaners.