How Do Car Detailers Clean Engines?


Many people are not familiar with how to properly clean an engine. It is a complicated process, as there many sensitive components in an engine and making a mistake could result in the engine being damaged.

That is why auto detailers use a very careful set of steps when cleaning engines to ensure that they do not damage any part of the engine. If you are interested in knowing how detailers clean car engines, we will quickly go over the steps they go through to clean a typical car engine.

Cooling The Engine Down

The first thing a detailer will do is check to ensure that the car engine is cool. You never work on a hot engine, it is too dangerous.

Some experts recommend warming the engine up to loosen dirt, but that is not necessary. In fact, most detailers will just work on the engine when it is completely cooled down.

Covering Up Parts of The Engine

The next thing the detailer will do is cover up vulnerable parts of the engine to prevent them getting filled with water while the engine is being cleaned.

Specifically, a bag will be used to cover the alternator, any filters that are exposed, the air intake, and any other areas that the person working on the engine feels might be vulnerable to water.

Applying The Degreaser

After the engine has been cooled and the sensitive parts covered, then the actual detailing can start. The person working on the car will start by applying powerful degreaser to the engine.

For those who do not know, degreaser is a solvent that eats through caked on grease and grime. They will slowly work their way up from the bottom of the engine to the top, this prevents degreaser from dripping down into areas they already cleaned.

They have to be very careful when applying degreaser since it could potentially damage car paint if it were to get on the car’s fender. Depending on how caked on the grease is, the detailer may have to use a brush to get off some of the tougher portions of grease.

Rinsing The Engine Off

After the degreaser has been allowed to work for a few minutes, the degreaser will need to be washed off by a hose. A high-pressure hose will be used to thoroughly wash the engine and get rid of all the loosened grease and left over degreaser.

The detailer has to be careful not to hit any of the vulnerable parts of the engine with the high-pressure hose, or it could result in those parts becoming loose.

Drying The Engine

Once the engine has been thoroughly washed, the final step involves drying the engine. An engine will never be allowed to air dry as that can leave water spots on the engine.

Instead, a towel will be used to wipe off the exposed parts of the engine and the various coverings will be removed. The engine may also be heated up to help speed up the drying of the water.

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