Does Car Detailing Remove Stains? Boise, ID

Does car detailing remove stains? Boise, IDWe all want our cars to be as clean looking as possible, but unfortunately, some cars seem like stain magnets. You find new stains on the seats or on the mats every time you look. A big part of this is that we do things in the car that we know we should not do. We sometimes eat in the car, which can cause little stains that we do not notice until later. Sometimes we leave drinks in the car, which then get spilled. Regardless of how the stains happen, we can all agree that we want to get rid of them. The best way of doing so is through car detailing. We are going to explain exactly how car detailing gets rid of those nasty stains in your car.

“The process that detailers use for removing a stain and cleaning the interior of a car is extremely thorough”

The stain removal process

The process that detailers use for removing a stain and cleaning the interior of a car is extremely thorough. It is also extremely effective and it will be able to remove pretty much any stain that you could find in a car, from rather mundane stains like spilled drinks or food stains to more serious stains like vomit or other intense stains that sometimes pop up in cars.

Removing everything

The first step to detailing the interior of the car involves removing everything and anything that can be removed. This includes mats, upholstery, if it can be taken out, then the detailed will take it out. There are two reasons why they do this. Firstly, taking the stuff out of the car makes it much easier to identify hard to see stains. Secondly, it is far easier to vigorously clean things when they have actually been removed from the car. 

The cleaning process

The actual cleaning is incredibly in-depth and designed to ensure that the entire interior of the car is thoroughly cleaned. Each part of the interior is vacuumed first, which helps pick up any loose dirt and debris. Next, everything is shampooed. This is the part of the detailing process that really gets the stains out. The detailer will use a brush and a very powerful soap to clean every single inch of the interior, with special attention being paid to obvious stains. Some detailers may also choose to use specialty stain remover if the stain is proving especially resistant to the regular cleaning process. After all this, everything will be dried and then vacuumed again. This may seem like overkill, but remember that this process is designed to get rid of very difficult stains. Things like salt stains (which anyone in colder places will be familiar with) are nearly impossible to get out unless you take the car to a detailer. As a method for helping to prevent future stains, detailers may put a special neutralizer on the carpet, this helps prevent the fibers of the carpet from staining as easily.

So, now you understand that the absolute best way for removing interior stains is to take your car to a detailer; the level of care they can provide just surpasses anything your average person can do.