Does Car Detailing Remove Mold? Houston, TX

Typically, when you think about problems that cars may experience, you probably think about things like rust, flat tires, scratches in the paint, etc. What you probably do not think about all that often is mold, but believe it or not mold can actually be a very serious issue for certain cars. When you think about it makes sense, some cars present a perfect breeding ground for mold. Thankfully, if you are unlucky to get a mold infection in your car, it can be dealt with through car detailing. We are first going to look at how mold infiltrates cars; then we are going to look at how and why car detailing gets rid of mold.

How does mold infiltrate a car?

It is important for people to understand how mold gets inside cars so that they can about preventing it from happening against in the future. For those who do not know about how mold works, it thrives in wet or damp environments. Now, normally the inside of your car is kept relatively dry by windows and the sun. The windows (and the doors) help to prevent rain or other moisture from getting in, while the sun works to quickly dry out any moisture that does somehow get past the windows. However, sometimes both of these things do not work. For example, some people may mistakenly leave their windows open for 20 minutes while they run into the store, this can result in moisture getting in from a sudden rainfall. It is also possible that a person may get their shoes wet and transfer that moisture to the interior of the car when they get in. Now, normally the sun will dry out that moisture, but sometimes there is not enough sunlight to dry out the moisture. It is in these conditions will start to grow. Mold loves damp fabrics and carpets. So, car mats, car seats, and other parts of the interior are prime targets for mold.

How and why does detailing get rid of the mold?

Thankfully, car owners who have been unlucky enough to be afflicted with mold have a remedy. Car detailing can get rid of mold. What detailers will do is strip everything from the interior of the car, including car mats, and give it a very good scrubbing with soap and water. They will also do the same for the entire interior of the car that they could not remove. Once everything has been washed, they will be dried out thoroughly. Once the drying is done, some intense deodorizer will be used on the interior. If the mold was not already dead, then it will be after they are done. Mold needs moisture, so by thoroughly cleaning and drying the interior of the car, the detailers are essentially depriving the mold of the moisture that it needs to survive. The addition of deodorizer makes the mold die off even quicker. Once the mold is dead, scraping it off is extremely easy, as it just falls straight off.

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