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Our Most Popular Detailing Packages

The Gold Package
Give your car the full detail.
Fully detail your car on the inside and the out. Recommended quarterly.
Full wash
Hand dried with microfiber towels
Clean door jambs and trunk seals
Clean windows inside and out
Paint polishing & buffing
Degreasing of wheels & tires
Polish & dress tires and wheels
Vacuum interior
Clean all interior surfaces & crevices
UV treatment for all interior surfaces
Leather cleaning & conditioning
Shampoo interior carpets & floor mats
Deep clean and condition upholstery seats
Deodorize interior
Spot clean head liner
The Monthly Express
Keep your car looking amazing with our monthly maintenance package.
We visit you weekly to keep the interior and the exterior of your car looking like new. This way you never have a bad 'car' day!
Full wash
Hand dried with microfiber towels
Paint polishing & buffing
Degreasing of wheels & tires
Vacuum interior
Clean all interior surfaces & crevices
Clean seats
Deodorize interior

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If you are looking for mobile auto detailing services in Union City, CA, then you need to give The Detailing Syndicate a call.

Think back to just how amazing your automobile looked when it was brand new, you may think it can't look that good again, but our veteran auto workers can accomplish just that. We have a large amount of different services that you can pick from. The services we offer encompass simple things like exterior washing and waxing and more complex things like UV treatment of the interior. You are probably used to other auto detailers, where you are forced to travel to them and inconvenience yourself for the rest of the day. The Detailing Syndicate - Union City, CA, is a mobile auto detailing company, which we means that our technicians will come right to your door. You could forget about moving your car, just park it where you usually park it and we do the rest. We don't mind working in office parking lots, so you can even get your motor-car cleaned while you are at work. Our dedicated staff will make sure that scheduling an appointment is easy and fast, so don't hesitate to call.

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The Detailing Syndicate - Union City, CA, is not your average mobile car wash, we are far more professional and dedicated.

It does not matter what type of car you drive, you can expect the same level of care from us. We have no issues handling expensive luxury automobiles. If you feel like having your old Kia detailed, we will happy do that for you. We are going to make sure that you are satisfied, no matter what kind of car you own. We are completely open to taking on unique or unusual requests, just run it by us. We service more than just personal vehicles, we can also accommodate any business fleet or other company related motorcar's that you may need to get taken care of. We make sure that our mobile detailing service packages are inexpensive, so that everyone can afford to get their car detailed by us.

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It doesn't matter what type of vehicle you own, any car owner can make use of The Detailing Syndicate's mobile detailing services.

Car owners in Union City, CA, know that if they want their car in the best condition possible, that they need to choose us over the various other car washes and auto detailers. To truly get a car sparkling, you need to give it more than just a regular wash, which is why we do more than just standard washing. The Detailing Syndicate knows that to really make a vehicle stand out from all the others, you need to give it a full treatment, with washing, waxing, vacuuming, and shampooing. As a customer and car owner, you want flexibility when it comes to your car's maintenance, that's why we have various mobile car wash service-packages to fit all situations and needs.

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Finishing Off An Exterior Detail

If you want your vehicle to perform well in addition to looking great, then you need to bring it to The Detailing Syndicate - Union City, CA, our mobile car cleaning services will do just that.

The only real surefire way for getting rid of the dirt that gradually builds up on your auto-mobiles surface is to invest in car detailing, and preferably you should be getting it done regularly. When dirt gets left on your motor's finish, it works its way deeper into the paint. Even worse, as you drive, more dirt gets onto your car's finish, which makes the issue even worse.. Minute particles getting deeper into the vehicle's paint means that they can start to cause some actual damage. For example, when it rains, your finish will be less able to stop your motorcar from rusting. Rust is so dangerous because it sets in quickly and spreads like a plague once it sets in. Rust can get into all sorts of different parts of a vehicle and cause some major damage.

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We offer a bunch of different mobile car detailing bundles, so that when you come to The Detailing Syndicate - Union City, CA, you can rest assured that you can find a package that matches your needs and price range.

Getting your wheels detailed regularly will not only make it look great, but more importantly it will make sure that your wheels drive efficiently as well. If you plan on selling your motorcar you want to get the most money possible for it, the way to do this is by making sure that the car is detailed often. Your motor-car needs regular upkeep to keep it running smoothly, so why not invest in mobile car cleaning services to make the process a bit easier? Also, well planned detailing is one of the best ways for ensuring that you 4 wheeler continues to drive like a dream. As you drive, your vehicle will pick up small pieces of debris, which can affect your windows and your tires. You may dismiss dirt as not being dangerous, but it can actually do a lot of damage to your vehicle. This is why it is so crucial to get detailing done early and often.

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Luxury Car Interior

When it comes to auto detailing, there is only one name that comes to mind, and that is The Detailing Syndicate Union City, CA

In some cases, using a company's car detailing services can be a real headache, but that is not something you have to worry about when dealing with The Detailing Syndicate. We also go to great lengths to ensure that no matter what services you want specifically, scheduling an appointment is easy no matter what you want. All you need to do is follow 2 easy steps. First off, you should visit our website and pick one of our many detailing packages. When you have a package in mind, just get on the telephone and give us a call, we can set up an appointment for you. If you're a vehicle owner who needs their car serviced, then you need to call the Detailing Syndicate, the best outfit in Union City, CA. If you want mobile auto detailing options that will give your motor vehicle the care it both needs and deserves, then you need to hire us. Pick up the phone now and dial our number, we look forward to hearing from you.

Our Team is Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded

The Detailing Syndicate Union City, CA is Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured

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When you use The Detailing Syndicate's car detailing services, you can rest assured that the entire experience will be straightforward.

We're very confident that our detailing service packages outshine all the other auto detailers by a mile. If you have never heard of us before, then you may be shocked to know that we differ from most detailers in that we'll work at your location. Because of the way many outfits operate, you are forced to waste your time or someone else's time bringing a motor vehicle to the shop and then picking it up. You don't even have to move your four-wheeler at all, just make sure we know where it is and our crew can start detailing it. You may be tempted to think that because we are not stationary, that we provide less effective detailing, but you would be wrong. We in The Detailing Syndicate - Union City, CA, are proud to say that our auto detailing services are not only top-of-the-line, but also mobile as well. We take pride in making everything very easy for our customers. If you want an appointment, all you need to do is call us. We always aim to make sure that our amazing customers walk away satisfied that they picked the right company for their vehicle.

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