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Our Most Popular Detailing Packages

The Gold Package
Give your car the full detail.
Fully detail your car on the inside and the out. Recommended quarterly.
Full wash
Hand dried with microfiber towels
Clean door jambs and trunk seals
Clean windows inside and out
Paint polishing & buffing
Degreasing of wheels & tires
Polish & dress tires and wheels
Vacuum interior
Clean all interior surfaces & crevices
UV treatment for all interior surfaces
Leather cleaning & conditioning
Shampoo interior carpets & floor mats
Deep clean and condition upholstery seats
Deodorize interior
Spot clean head liner
The Monthly Express
Keep your car looking amazing with our monthly maintenance package.
We visit you weekly to keep the interior and the exterior of your car looking like new. This way you never have a bad 'car' day!
Full wash
Hand dried with microfiber towels
Paint polishing & buffing
Degreasing of wheels & tires
Vacuum interior
Clean all interior surfaces & crevices
Clean seats
Deodorize interior

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If you are looking for mobile auto detailing services in San Rafael, CA, then you need to give The Detailing Syndicate a call.

Some other places may discriminate based on vehicle type, but not us, all vehicles receive the same level of professional care. We are able to accommodate those who want their luxury motor-car detailed. If you feel like having your old Kia detailed, we will happy do that for you. Vehicle owners with auto-mobiles of all different shapes and sizes will be amazed at the job we do. Plus, we in The Detailing Syndicate - San Rafael, CA, are flexible and willing to take on all kinds of jobs Various companies and small businesses require their work cars to be well-maintained, we can aid you with that. Even though our mobile detailing service-options are world class, they are also very affordable; this way everyone is able to get their automobile serviced by our hard working technicians.

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Grey Mercedes With Black Rims

You have probably visited many a mobile car wash, but none are as good as The Detailing Syndicate - San Rafael, CA.

We in The Detailing Syndicate - San Rafael, CA, have a lot of competitors when it comes to offering detailing solutions, but we know that we are a step above other auto detailers. Unlike the majority of auto detailers, you aren't forced to drop everything and come to us, we will be glad to travel to you. If you are scrambling to find time to drop off your car, you do not have to worry about that with us. No effort needs to be expended on your part, simply let us know where you want us to detail the 4 wheeler, and then you can sit back and relax. With many industries, going mobile results in a relative decline in quality, but this is not the case when it comes to our detailing. If you are looking for an outfit that retains a high degree of quality in their auto detailing, but that is still mobile, then you have found them. We take pride in making everything very easy for our customers. If all this sounds appealing to you, then the good news is that all you have to do is talk to some of our staff over the phone, they can work out an appointment with you, they will deal with the rest. We aren't happy unless the customer is happy, so we work to make sure that our great customers are always as happy as possible.

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There are an endless variety of reasons for why all you auto detailing should be done by The Detailing Syndicate San Rafael, CA.

With other places, you may find that trying to access their car detailing services can be very annoying, this is not what happens when you work with The Detailing Syndicate - San Rafael, CA. No matter what you order from us, we ensure that everything is simple and that scheduling appointments is still very easy. Just follow these 2 simple directions to get an appointment with us. The first of the 2 things you need to do to get an appointment is to look at the detailing packages featured on our website and pick the one you think works best for your situation. As soon as you've selected your package, just pick up the phone and give us a call. Vehicle owners in San Rafael, CA, need to give The Detailing Syndicate - San Rafael, CA a try, they won't regret it. Our professional staff will treat your car with the respect and care it deserves with our premium mobile auto detailing services. Why wait any longer, just punch out digits into the phone and give us a call right now.

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Finishing Off An Exterior Detail

But at The Detailing Syndicate - San Rafael, CA, we aren't just concerned with looks, which is why our mobile car cleaning services will do much more than just make your motor look great.

None of the various car washes and auto detailers in San Rafael, CA, can match our trained staff. Your motor car needs more than a simple scrubbing to stay in tip-top-shape, which is why we go far beyond that. A staggering amount of work will be put into making sure that your motor-car looks great, the staff at The Detailing Syndicate - San Rafael, CA, will make sure that the car is professional cleaned and waxed. If you want options, you will be glad to know that you can pick from a few different mobile car wash service-options on our website.

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At The Detailing Syndicate - San Rafael, CA, ease of use when it comes to our car detailing services is always a top priority.

Cars degrade in terms of looks over time, but our experts will make sure that your motor-car looks just as good at ten years old as it did at one years old. We pride ourselves on offering a wide array of services, which result in your motor-car looking simply amazing. We will be glad to accommodate any of your wants. Want a full detailing done? We can handle that. Or maybe you just want us to wash and buff the car's finish? Either way, we can help you out. One of the big issues with the vast majority auto detailers is that they are just very inconvenient. When you hire The Detailing Syndicate - San Rafael, CA, you can forget about dropping your vehicle off because we are a mobile auto detailing specialist. You can get your 4-wheeler serviced by us without ever moving it from your driveway. If, for some reason, we can't service your car at your home, we would be glad to work on it while it is at your work places parking spot, you can even watch us work from your office window. Confirming an appointment could not be easier, it just involves giving us a call.

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Luxury Car Interior

At The Detailing Syndicate - San Rafael, CA, we understand that people want options, which is why our mobile car detailing service-packages are broken up into multiple packages.

Getting your wheels detailed regularly will not only make it look great, but more importantly it will make sure that your wheels drive efficiently as well. Some owners like keeping their vehicle valuable, if you are one of them, then you should be investing it getting it detailed monthly. If you are like most people, then your auto-mobile, along with your house, is going to be one of the most valuable things in your possession, so why not treat it right by using our mobile car cleaning services. Not only does regular detailing keep your car's value up, but it also keeps your car running at peak performance. Dirt and grime from the road can damage your tires and your windows and make it harder to drive. Small amounts of dirt is natural, but if you don't deal with it in a timely manner, it can start to build up, which can make driving more difficult. So, as you can see, getting detailing done regularly is extremely good for you and your car.

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Regardless of which four wheeler you own, you can take advantage of our mobile detailing services.

There is only one effective method for getting rid of the dirt, debris, and dust that accumulate on your automobile's surface, and that method is car detailing When dirt gets left on your motor's finish, it works its way deeper into the paint. When you drive your automobile, you pickup even more particles, which then makes the whole issue even worse.. The dirt gets deeper into the paint and starts causing real damage to your car's finish. Once the finish has been thoroughly penetrated by debris, the motor vehicle becomes vulnerable to rust, especially if the vehicle gets wet. Once rust has gotten a hold of your car, it is extremely difficult to actually get rid of the rust. Most people are probably concerned with rust's very obvious cosmetic effects, but what they should be more concerned about how rust can make driving a four wheeler more dangerous.

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