Auto Detailing Vs Car Wash, New Haven – CT

Finishing Off An Exterior DetailThe word ‘detail’ in auto detailing is an apt description of the service, as the use of professionals ensures that nothing is overlooked when cleaning your vehicle.  We have all been strapped for cash or short on time, so a simple car wash has its place, however if you are looking for results that are unrivaled, experts in this field are equipped to produce spectacular finishes over and over.



“What really separates auto detailing from car washes of your doing, or machine units you drive through, is that professionals bring out the best of whatever you are driving”

A Personal Touch

One of the several reasons having auto detailers handle your car vs. a car wash is the human aspect.  Because real people are putting their blood, sweat and tears into the appearance of your vehicle, you have multiple sets of eyes able to spot potential problems or areas that need more improvement.  Going through a car wash, either automatic or one you do yourself, may be a speedy exercise, but one that will not deliver quality and assurance your ride is fully cleaned.  Even if you are handling the power washer with your own two hands, auto detailers are well versed in spaces on each vehicle that need additional attention and care.  Moreover, they have access to the best cleaners on the market.

Car Washes Are Imperfect

Automatic car washes are as expensive as they have ever been, but are you really getting an upgrade from past iterations of the process?  When you go through a rinse, even when paying upwards of $20, streaks and soap lines are evident for days after the fact.  Auto detailers use a system to limit excess water and detergents from accumulating on your automobile.  Car washes are almost counter-intuitive in the way they clear a surface, only to replace it with streaks that require your vehicle to get washed again.  In addition, frequently hand washes done by owners themselves use so much water fading and eventual rust are inevitable.

Quality Is Better Than Convenience

What really separates auto detailing from car washes of your doing, or machine units you drive through, is that professionals bring out the best of whatever you are driving.  Most of us take pride in our vehicle, and having one that sparkles and shines from intense cleaning is very rewarding.  Auto detailing can make a claim that few car washes can: that upon leaving the service your automobile will look better than when you came in.  Keep in mind, even ‘deluxe’ washes with waxes and finishes will never be as effective as an experienced detailer polishing and restoring your car by hand.


The reason the resources provided by auto detailers are invaluable is because they have the ability to deliver show-quality cleanliness and finish that simply cannot be achieved through a standard car wash.  If you routinely have experts (like ours for example) detail your car, its retail value will increase dramatically as a result.  Furthermore, it should be mentioned that regularly having your vehicle serviced better protects it from the elements, as the detergents and polishes detailers use deliver added coats of protection in addition to their beautiful shine.