Auto Car Wash Vs Hand Car Wash, Houston – TX

We are all trying to save money in our pockets, and washing our car is something that needs to be done every time we turn the page on the calendar, if not more frequently.  There are advantages and disadvantages to having it done by a machine or doing it yourself, but in the battle of auto car wash vs. hand car wash, who wins?


The amount of money you want to spend on your car wash will determine which avenue you will pursue.  Though relatively inexpensive, automatic washes can cost up to twenty dollars, depending on the extent at which you are getting it done.  However just because you wash your car at home doesn’t mean it isn’t burning a hole in your wallet.  Excessive water from a simple garden hose can run up your utilities bill, and supplies like sponges and detergents will need to be purchased as well.  Most think they are ‘saving’ money doing it themselves, but statistically car owners use twice the amount of water than auto washes.


Washing a car by hand can give owners increased control, but a more even clean is provided by professional car washes.  Most hoses utilized at home simply do not have the appropriate amount of power and force to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning, but may be your only choice if you are in a pinch.  Auto car washes are actually far more advanced than most give them credit for.  The amount of water, soap and wax used are carefully measured and have been tested hundreds of times to ensure maximum effect.


It seems like a counter-intuitive thought, but a hand car wash is actually tougher on your vehicle than a machine.  Unless you are experienced with how much detergent and water to combine, you can literally be rubbing the finish right off of your ride.  Moreover, when done by hand, it is difficult to maintain a consistent and spread out shine that covers your entire vehicle. 


An auto car wash vs. a hand car wash comes down to time, end goals and affordability.  Presumably you are cleaning your vehicle because you want it to look in pristine shape, but the truth of the matter is car lot quality appearances are really only delivered by experienced auto-detailers.  A simple spraying in your driveway can get rid of a little dirt, but professionals have the ability to systematically wash your automobile using top shelf detergents and products recommended for each make and model.  Flawless results can be delivered with ease and make even weathered vehicles look new.  Furthermore, if auto-detailers are given the freedom to wash your car once every couple of weeks, your paint finish will last years longer and better protect it from chipping and rust.  Both hand and auto car washes are an inexact science, focusing more on convenience than perfection.  With a trained eye and an established method of washing, auto-detailers not only vastly improve the appearance of a vehicle, but preserve its value as well.