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Express Package
Price for SUV
Our foundation package Ideal for regular maintenance!
Perfect for detailing your automobile regularly and looking amazing all year round!
Full wash
Hand dried with microfiber towels
Clean door jambs and trunk seals
Clean windows inside and out
Claybar treatment
Protective wax treatment for paint work
Dressing of exterior plastics
Degreasing of wheels & tires
Polish & dress tires and wheels
Vacuum interior
Clean all interior surfaces & crevices
Service time: 1hr 30mins
Gold Package
Price for SUV
Give your car the full detail!
Fully detail your car on the inside and the out.
Full wash
Hand dried with microfiber towels
Clean door jambs and trunk seals
Clean windows inside and out
Claybar treatment
Protective wax treatment for paint work
Dressing of exterior plastics
Degreasing of wheels & tires
Polish & dress tires and wheels
Engine compartment wipe-down
Vacuum interior
Clean all interior surfaces & crevices
UV treatment for all interior surfaces
Leather cleaning & conditioning
Shampoo interior carpets & floor mats
Deep clean and condition upholstery seats
Deodorize interior
Spot clean head liner
Service time: 2hrs 30mins

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When it comes to mobile auto detailing services in Houston - TX, The Detailing Syndicate is the best around.

Look, we get that there are a lot of other auto detailers out there competing for your business, but believe us when we say that our detailing packages are the some of the best available. Instead of bringing your car to us, our technicians come to your home and service the car there, this is much different from how many other detailers operate. Our mobility is so useful for our customers because they don't have to waste their valuable time bringing the car by our shop. Simply tell us where our specialists can locate the motor-vehicle and we would be happy to detail it. You probably assume that because we are a mobile outfit, that our detailing services are subpar, but you would be mistaken. We offer top-quality mobile  auto detailing in Houston - TX, while still maintaining mobility, to make things more convenient for our customers. We take pride in making everything very easy for our customers. Just book an appointment with us by grabbing a phone and calling. We aren't happy unless the customer is happy, so we work to make sure that our great customers are always as happy as possible.

detailed headlight

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Protected Wheel Rims

Making our car detailing services easy to use for everyone is and always has been a top priority for The Detailing Syndicate, Houston - TX.

It does not matter what size or style of car you drive, we will give it the same level of service that we would give any other car. If you have a lexis or another type of luxury vehicle that you want detailed, then we would be thrilled to do that for you. But, we don't just cater to luxury cars, we are also the place to go if you want the family automobile to be detailed as well. Regardless of what kind of car you have, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the job we do. Also, we do more than just look after one car at a time, we handle all sorts of jobs. For example, a lot of firms need their fleet of automobiles serviced, we are willing to do that. If you are looking for affordable mobile detailing packages in Houston - TX, then you have found them.

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The Detailing Syndicate, Houston - TX, is anything but a regular mobile car wash, we are a clear cut above other teams in the area.

We know that there is a lot of competition from other auto detailers and car washes in Houston - TX, but we also know that we outshine our competitors due to our qualified staff and range of services. See, we aren't just your standard car wash. We do more than just give your car a standard wash and call it a day. A staggering amount of work will be put into making sure that your motor-car looks great, the staff at The Detailing Syndicate - Houston, TX will make sure that the car is professional cleaned and waxed. Our various services are all bundled up into a bunch of mobile car wash packages, so you can choose which one you want.

A Proud Driver

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attention to detail

We offer a bunch of different mobile car detailing bundles, so that when you come to The Detailing Syndicate, Houston - TX, you can rest assured that you can find a package that matches your needs and price range.

Our seasoned staff are so good that they are able to make your wheels look just as good, if not better, than brand new cars you see in the dealership. We pride ourselves on offering a wide array of services, which result in your motor-car looking simply amazing. Obviously, our technicians are able to do the easy things, like exterior washing, with relative ease, but they can also do more complex things like headlight restoration. The problem with 'in house' auto detailers is that they force you to waste your entire day. The Detailing Syndicate, Houston - TX, is a completely mobile auto detailing service, so unlike with traditional outfits, we come to you. Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to have your motor-vehicle cleaned while it sits at home, with us, that's a possibility. Not only can we work on the motor while it is in your driveway, but we can also clean it while it sits in your office's parking area. We make the process of scheduling a detail quick and easy, so don't be afraid to give us a call right away.

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If you want your vehicle to perform well in addition to looking great, then you need to bring it to The Detailing Syndicate, Houston - TX, our mobile car cleaning services will do just that.

Getting car detailing done on at least a semi-regular basis is the easiest way of getting rid of dirt and debris on your motor vehicle's finish. Believe it or not, when you leave dirt and grime sitting on your vehicle, it can start to cause damage to your paint. Every time you drive your vehicle around Houston - TX, it picks up more particles, which make the ones already on your car go deeper into the finish.. Dirt, dust, and grime can get slowly grinded deeper into the automobile's finish, which greatly reduces its protective power. Your vehicle's finish is one of your main protections against rust, if it gets compromised, your protection is gone. Rust has long been acknowledged as one of the greatest dangers for cars because of how difficult it is to get rid of it once it sets in. Rust, much like any other disease, becomes extremely dangerous if it spreads to the vital organs of your 4-wheeler, like your engine block or other areas like that.

Glossy Paintjob

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The good thing about our mobile detailing services in Houston - TX, is that they are open to anyone, regardless of what motor they own.

Some places may make accessing their car detailing services a hassle, but that is not the case here at the Detailing Syndicate - Houston, TX. Regardless of what you want done, you can rest assured that getting an appointment will not waste your valuable time. When it comes to scheduling an appointment with us, you just have to do 2 easy tasks. Hop online and pick from one of our varied detailing packages. If you find a package that you are satisfied with, just call us and let us know, we can schedule an appointment for you right away. Car owners who reside in Houston - TX, have high standards for their vehicles and only one outfit can meet those standards, The Detailing Syndicate - Houston, TX. Rest assured, that if you bring your car to us, that our professional technicians will make sure that your motor-car receives the best possible mobile auto detailing. Make sure to ring our office soon as you can.

Our Team is Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Our Houston, TX team is licensed, insured and bonded

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There are a lot of reasons why you should get The Detailing Syndicate Houston - TX to do all your auto detailing for you.

Getting your motor vehicle detailed by us does a lot more than just make it look better when driving around Houston - TX, it will also result in your motor vehicle driving better as well. If you're one of those owners who cares about keeping your motor-car valuable, then you should be getting it detailed often. Your car's one of the most valuable things you own, so why not keep it that way by getting our mobile car cleaning services? All the dirt and grime that builds up on your vehicle does more than just hurt its appearance, it can also hurt your car's performance, expert detailing will prevent this. The windows and tires on your vehicle are extremely vulnerable to the various bits of muck and dirt that are on the road. Many people wrongly ignore the damage that dirt, debris, and other particles can do to your ride. This should help you understand why consistent detailing is so crucial for cars.

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